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Important information

Please note that the examination of patients, the need for passage of which is listed in the hospital discharge summary, is held from Monday to Friday from 13-00 to 15-00 o’clock.
Days of hospitalization: Monday, Wednesday.
Issuance of slips: From 8.00 to 10.00. A slip is valid only on the day of its issue.
Absence of pre-appointment.

Registration of patients is carried out in the registries of the adult and children's departments of the hospital clinic.

When you first visit the clinic for diagnosis / consultation you should have:
passport / birth certificate, passport of the accompanying person;
ambulatory patient card;
a document certifying the right to benefits (disabled, participants of the WW II, participants of liquidation of the Chernobyl accident, the participants of the ATO);
referral for diagnosis / hospitalization (if available).
For hospitalization:
- Passport / birth certificate;
- Ambulatory patient card;
- The referral from the hospital;
- The results of tests and examination from your doctor:
• general blood analysis;
• general urine analysis;
• blood sugar test;
• blood group and Rh (in the absence of a record in the passport);
• RW / VLR blood analysis;
• helminth eggs in fecal test;
- ECG;
- Chest photofluorography;
- A note from your therapist about the possibility of the operation;
- A note from your endocrinologist (if necessary).