From the very opening of the “Dnipropetrovsk Regional Ophthalmological Clinical Hospital” in 2004 there has been a polyclinic in its assembly. Our polyclinic is a separate structural subdivision in which patients who need an ophthalmologist’s help are received. Patient service is provided by four highly qualified doctors who have completed an internship in the best ophthalmological clinics in Ukraine and abroad. Patients are received daily from 8 to 16 o’clock, except Sunday. On Saturday the polyclinic works from 9 till 13 o’clock. In 2009 the polyclinic of the ophthalmological hospital started to receive children.

Rooms of the polyclinic are equipped with everything necessary for full-scale work of doctors. Imported diagnostic equipment in the polyclinic is the best in the region and exceeds that one which is installed in the best private clinics of the city. Along with high qualification of doctors it gives an ability to administer quick and effective diagnostic of diverse pathologies with maximal comfort for each patient. As the number of those who want to use services of the polyclinic department is always quite high, we try to organize our work in such a way that our visitors won’t have to waste their time in queues – they will be received quickly and in a well-functioned way.

Thanks to the fact that our employees are true experts, we can guarantee 100% accuracy of the diagnostication. Applying to our health institution for ophthalmological aid you can completely be sure that you won’t need to be additionally examined and to waste your precious time again.
In the DOKOL polyclinic are used only state-of-the-art technologies, thanks to which even the most unpleasant examinations and procedures are endured very easily. In our clinic you can administer contactless measurement of ocular tension with the help of pneumotonometer. The operating principle of this unique device is in measurement of intraocular tension with the help of directed air flow which considerably simplifies the procedure and makes the measurements more precise. The method excludes using any kind of drops and is absolutely painless. Moreover, you can administer a full complex of supersonic examinations. Supersonic scanning allows to identify anteroposterior size of the eye-ball, the depth of the anterior chamber, and to find out the thickness of the crystalline lens while treating cataract. Also scanning is successfully used to identify such pathologies as retinal detachment, diagnostic of diabetic and traumatic injuries, different new-growths, and also extraneous bodies. In our clinic you can be examined with the help of such a device as an autorefractometer which allows to identify the eye reaction, central and paracentral zones of the cornea, it measures the radius of corneal curvature and the distance between eye pupils (while looking into the distance and nearby).

We perform eye ground photography with the help of fluorescent angiography which considerably helps to examine diseases. In most cases, FAG is the only way to make a diagnosis in the case of eye vessels damage. A visual field computer analysis is carried out in the DOKOL polyclinic. It is an accurate examination which allows to identify the smallest deviance in retinal sensitivity and to start the treatment timely.

 Caring about vision preservation must always be one of the priorities for everyone, especially after you are 40. In addition, intraocular tension measurement must be carried out twice a year which can allow to uncover timely and to start glaucoma treatment. Visitors are always welcome in our clinic. Patients with pathologies are received on an individual basis, therefore, you won’t have to wait in a queue.
To be received in our clinic you don’t need to obtain your district ophthalmologist’s appointment card – we receive everyone who needs our help.
As it was mentioned before, both adults and children are received in our clinic. Children’s eye doctor receives children from their birth until they are 18.

Polyclinic reception hours:
8.00-16.00 Monday – Friday
9.00-13.00 SaturdayСохранить